Spice Up Your Marriage With These Sizzlin’ Hot Sex Tips That Will Make You Scream Tonight!

Discover how to spice up your marriage with these simple sizzling sex tips that will improve emotional and sexual intimacy with your husband. It’s like having an affair – but you won’t need to save your marriage afterward!

1. Enjoy a Sexy Shower Together. Showering with your spouse can be an erotic experience. Enjoy a sensual ritual of taking a shower together. Wash his back, let him shampoo your hair and stroke conditioner in it as you fellate him, and then take it to the bedroom where you can both towel off.

Sexy shower gifts are also available for you both to indulge in, making your erotic experiences together even wetter and wilder than you’d have ever thought was possible.

2. Shop for Adult Sex Toys Together. Shopping for adult sex toys together ups the ante in your love life because you’re in an environment devoted to improving your pleasure and lovemaking experiences. Pick up the crazy things, and choose something that can potentially send your orgasms full throttle as you connect.

3. Spank His Naughty Behind. Spanking is a light pathway into the exploration of BDSM or dominance and submission style erotic activity. Kinky and creative ways to insert spanking into your play are as schoolmaster and naughty student as you roleplay with one another.

If you really want to get naughty with it, a hot and sexy dominatrix costume, and some whips and crops are also available for you to play with. Check out these hot and sexy outfits and ideas that can bring out the dark side in your marriage.

4. Invite Spontaneity in Your Marriage. Spontaneity is the art of being impulsive and creative with one another as you make love. Get inspired to make love on the side of the highway, kiss him passionately in a dressing room while you’re out shopping together, or touching passionately in the car, elevator, backyard… wherever you’re inspired to touch each other.

5. Indulge in Sensuous Full Body Massages. Giving each other a sexy full body massage will definitely help you warm up your sex life. Using a hot wax candle can sting in the sexiest way and still provide a soothing, stimulating sensation that can increase the passion factor in your foreplay experience.

Hot sensuous wax, warm oil and scented candles can set the scene in this hot and sexy experience. Check out retailers like Adam and Eve or ForPlay for some hot and sexy romance products!

Discover how to spice up your marriage with more of these hot and sexy secrets! Learn the sexy skill of talking dirty, sexting and more. When you’re inspired to keep things fresh and sexy, you’ll never need to worry about having to save your marriage from an affair!