Spooktacular Brew for the Sexless Marriage

October is a great month to brew Spooktacular desire back into the
Sexless Marriage or a virtually Sexless Marriage. Often times, sex
becomes absent in the marriage simply out of boredom and day-to-day
responsibilities which take over our time to be intimate and ability to be
keep intimacy alive.

These obstacles steal sexual desire a little at a time until sex becomes
absent in the marriage. Then, couples live in unhappy, and
avoiding marriages without resolutions. When the intimate connection
grows apart between the husband and wife, the couples can quickly find
their marriage suffering in a sexless dilemma hard to correct and even
harder to overcome.

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to break the ole’ boring routine our
marital intimacy gets stuck in and brew some life back into a sex life that
may otherwise be dead and gone.

Keeping sex alive in a marriage is about adding variety to marital intimacy
to keep it appetizing year- after-year. Otherwise, without change, sex may just
fizzle out and be difficult to restore.

Plan a surprise Halloween party for your spouse in the privacy
of your bedroom. No interruptions allowed though…get a sitter
lined up for a night Spooktacular romance. Then, allow yourself to
spend an entire night trick or treating in your private domain.

What an exciting way to add new adventure and variety to your love
life, not to mention, surprises your spouse and have a night of
breathtaking Thrills, Chills, and Goosebumps. A romantic Halloween
party, is an excellent way to break the barriers of a stale and
predictable love life.

So, get inside yourself and find that prankster gangster and plot
your Halloween bash. As the weather moves in to Fall, this is one
way to start warming the house for Winter temperature ahead.

It’s time to light the pilot in your marriage and set the
thermostat for new warmth in your martial intimacy. No since
staying stuck in a chilled bed night after night when it can
otherwise be different with a little work and imagination.

A surprise Halloween party is your time for a night of intimate
tricking and treating…not to mention, an opportunity to brew up

Furthermore, such an exiting bash is a perfect opportunity to
explore or introduce intimacy products such as warming lubes,
warming massage oils, edible powders, lotions and potions to your
love life. Complimentary lotions and potions certainly can
heighten pleasure and arouse desires that may be fizzled out.

Since Halloween is a time of pumpkins and spice, it is time
to capitalize upon both of these elements. Decorating for romance
and adding some Spice can be a new addition to your marital

Getting spark back into your marital relationship is about treating
your spouse to new and different experiences than where the two
have been and where the two of may remain.

Capitalize upon this holiday and use it to your marital benefits.
Allow your mind to be creative, daring, and adventurous as you plan
your night of Spooktacular fun….break those chains that bind your
adventurous side. Take the first step to enhance your romance if
the two of you are stuck, feeling bored, too tired, or experiencing
loss of excitement and desire for each other.

Do something you may have never done before, such as, buy an Adult
Costume or Novelty Underwear for yourself and your spouse. Then,
decorate your bedroom and bed to compliment your costumes.

Remember, the ideas is to set the mood by the costume and the decor.
If you envision slow and passionate romance, you might be the
naughty nurse for the night. Be sure and have all the medicine
potions to properly care for your patient though.

If you have reservations about shopping for an adult costume in
pubic, buy online. You can shop confidentially in the privacy of
your home. Or…if you absolutely are not a costume kind of
person…simply decorate your bedroom for romance.
What a fun surprise for your spouse and the opportunity to
restore some romance between the two of you!

Think back for a moment when you were a child, remember the
exciting feelings you felt as you waited in line to go through a
haunted house. You grew excited to the unknown ahead. You heart
pounded with uncertainly. Allow your mate the opportunity to
feel and view your marital intimacy in a renewed positive and
exciting Spooktacular light…..

Then, take your lovers hand and lead him or her into a night of
tantalizing passion.

Halloween is getting close…so start planning the SURPRISE now. No
matter how old we get, a nice surprise is pleasantly welcomed.
Putting together an intimate Halloween party can be inexpensive and
take little time….so get started now…we just have a few days
left until the romantic event…

Again, set the mood…be the sexy nurse, or firefighter. Decorate
and do not forget the Ghoulish necessities…to thrill, chill,
and send your lovers nerve endings over the edge.

Here are a couple of decorating ideas to get your creative side
stirred up….

Decorate your bed with a small strand of Halloween lights,
spider webs, and black rose petals…. but do not forget your
lover’s favorite candy to tease, treat and tantalize their body.
Remember, Halloween is all about treats!

In addition, add a few Spicy Pumpkin candles to the nightstand.
Scented candles will be a romantic compliment to the nights festivities,
not to mention, candles add an erotic aroma to dance in the air. Candle light
illuminates a bedroom for romance and bares a sense of warmth.

At last, complete your potions with warming massage oils, tasty lubes
and intimate toys for a Spooktober exotic experience.

Do not let this Halloween pass you by. Once again use this holiday to your advantage.
Treat your spouse to a night of Ghoulish fun and romance they won’t forget
and they will be looking forward to year after year.